Sale/Purchase -Land, Plots & Apartments

We at wealth Accumulators believe that investment in real estate in Uttarakhand is going to be a good investment proposition looking at the Urban life style and its problems. Uttarakhand’s govt. is taking serious measures to make the state attractive for industry as well as a leisure destination.


Vacation Homes

What better place to have a vacation home than in the mountains. Uttarakhand has two /three airports, excellent road connectivity. Towns like Dhanolti and Kanatal have become excellent weekend getaways. What would it be like to have a home with a 360-degree view of the Himalayas? We at Wealth Accumulators can help you turn this dream into reality.


Himalayan Eco Homes/Lodges

We give a lot of importance to conceptualizing, designing&building homes which don’t disturb the ecosystem. We understand that people who are looking for vacation homes are looking for Green self-sustainable models which have minimal impact on the environment. We focus a lot on building homes using local recycled material, Solar energy, Proper insulation, making your own compost. Rain water harvesting, water recycling and waste management/disposal techniques.


Property Management Solutions

For properties that are not self occupied, we take over the hassle of trying to get you the best return on your investment throught, long term leases, short weekend rentals to business leases. Our service contract could cover maintenance and upkeep of your property for it to be ready for you to show up anytime you like.


Wealth Accumulators Vision

Provide an end to end, hassle free, real estate solution that ensures excellent ROI on the property while protecting the ecology and environment of the location.


Completed projects


A beautiful house is the dream of every person and in order to fulfil this dream, people often spend extravagantly. Though a house is a worthy investment, but sometimes expenditure goes beyond their budget and at the end of the day, they are left nothing but a humongous debt. But our experts feel that you can still construct your dream house effortlessly if you prudently make a strong plan and strategy and can take some bold decisions with Wealth Accumulators.
Our plots are quite exclusive in the state of Uttarakhand as the real estate industry is thriving day by day, but you still get a plot of your budget in the hill side areas like Mussoorie, Kanatal and so on. Since these areas are in development stage, hence you can get an affordable plot in these places with breathtaking view and availability of light, water, internet etc.
Wealth Accumulators have completed a cottage purchase within client’s budget recently; this cottage was built at various levels without destroying the contours. All you need is a contractor’s opinion at the beginning of your new home, and an expert contractor can guide you at the beginning of the construction, that’s why we have competitive advantage with our experience and in-depth knowledge.
Our recently construction depicts sustainable house as the development of personal spaces should meet the present needs without compromising the capacities of comfortable living, ensuring the balance between economic growth, and environmental care and social welfare. We provide sustainable housing and promote the awareness of economic and social development with the preservation of natural resources.

Pahadi house

Wealth Accumulators story of recycle, reuse and rebirth, a crude cocktail of stone, cement, brick, metal with cement mortar spilling out of stone masonry walls, shiny red roof creating a discordant note, cracks in structure, no finesse in construction, poor maintenance and lack of proper bathroom facility. In such a scenario, the conventional mindset would be to demolish and build afresh, rather we reused the wasted embodied energy and lost resources and decided to retain the existing structure to rejuvenate it.
We re-embarked the stone walls with mud look plaster that helps in padding against cold weather. A part of façade has exposed stone masonry, which has been restored (restoring the entire stone masonry would have been too costly and hence was not attempted). The floors are also having a mud finish for the aesthetics of the house and for insulation purposes.
The roof of the house was camouflaged by covering with locally available dried grass with pathal (slate) stones placed on the ridge. However this type of roof covering is prone to being displaced by high-speed winds and demands regular maintenance. Our team at Wealth Accumulators made sure that the aesthatics for the property is not compromised and at the same time tried and make a sustainable living for the house owner at one of the most beautiful places, Kanatal.

Glass house

The glass house is a multipurpose space that we intended to build for meaningful conversations in and around the vicinity of the glass house, soul searching and silent mediation in midst of the nature. We have a great location for this property and beauty of the house lies in the energy it exhales around the area.
Created from locally available pinewood and second hand toughened glass sourced from a high-end automobile showroom in Dehradun, the house is completely made for ecological living. The beauty of the place is doubled in the winters with snow around and most importantly the snow view from the comfort of the cozy interiors.
Interiors will be created by stuff donated by travelers, this is one of the eco friendly approaches we had when we were building the place. Bring what you like is the slogan for this heaven of a place, the insides of the house is very basic and cozy, it feels at home when lying down in one of the beds and admiring mother nature from the comfort of big glass window shield.


Latest Projects


Spaces With Amazing View:

We have some amazing location in Mussoorie/Dehradun region where the land is available at a reasonable price and the space is quite with breath taking Mountain View. This property is well rounded and is surrounded by greenery in a 360-degree angle. There is also a well-placed balcony in the property where you can take a sip of coffee or have a drink with your friends and family away from city air pollution and sound pollution. The property is can also be used as a guest house if owner is willing as there are many tourist who like to book this amazing place for a night out.


Home Interiors

This property gives you a unique sense of tranquility and peace with wide space and British colonial architecture. It is one of the hidden gems of a place that give a homely feeling once you start living in the place. The place also is very near to the local market and the conveyance is easy to find with well-structured roadwork. The interior and furniture is also exclusively place for your convenience. Electricity and Internet is also at your convenience and allows you to work in peace from home, water supply is spot on and you will get pure Himalayan water supply in your storage.


Antique House Belt

Another antique house is available in Mussoorie/Landour belt, this property is adjacent to the main road and provides wide variety of resource in and around the property. You will be thrilled to see the infrastructure of the property as it has old school vibe all around the area, as in this overpopulated world this property provides a decent space for you to have a comfortable living along with your family. The property is unique and adored by many visitors, it one of the exclusive estate we have currently to sell, so if you like to visit the property just give a call on our number below or email us.


Pure Bedroom Architecture

Besides lands selling, we also assist in interior designing of the property and provide a wide variety of designing from one of the best architectures working alongside our company. Wealth accumulators is a well rounded company that takes care of client’s entire process of buying the property and essentials they require till the completion of their homes for them to start living in the area. We have an exclusive range of home décor materials ranging from beds, curtains, pillows, carpet and wall hangings. And we also assist in finding sustainable products for clients home that will add more charm to their surroundings in an eco friendly manner

MARCH, 2020

Land with sunrise and sunset

Wealth Accumulator provides only an exclusive place in Uttarakhand that is not easily available with other property dealers, we are proud to mention that we consists of areas that will make you fall in love with the property. One of clients has recently bought the same space and they instantly liked the property and now living in a comfortable space. This is our most priced possession, to see the happy faces of clients once they start living in there newly build houses. We would urge you to find our unique space and get your dream house built now.

What’s available now

Land/Plots Available

Galzwadi- Dehradun

Land available in Galzwadi in the verdant hills of Dehradun near Guniyal Gaon.
This is good investment opportunity for people who are looking to invest in Uttarakhand.
Plotting has been done keeping in mind a 30 foot road in front and 20 foot road inside the plots.
Plot sizes available in 300 & 1200 square yards.
It has a beautiful view of Mussoorie in the back drop.

Some of the salient pointers of the land.

1. On the way to new Mussoorie Hathipao road .This is going to an alternate road to mussoorie.
2. Hotel Taj 7 star cottages being built is in close vicinity.
3. Shaheen Bagh which is one of the Top holiday resorts as per Trip advisor is on the way.
4 .Land located on top of a small hill surrounded by Sal trees.
5. Nice metalled road right up till the site.
6. Purukul ropeway project is about 5 kms from the site.
7. Max hospital about 9 kms from the site.
8. Cricket academy is 3.5 kms from the site.
9. Away from the city with a clean and pristine environment.
Looking at the aforesaid pointers the land has a great potential.
Asking price INR 9000/ sq yard which is slightly negotiable.

Jagatpura- Dehradun

2000sq yard plot available for sale near Bhauwala Jagatpur near GRD Academy with 30 feet road.
The front is 90 feet on the road.
There is reserve forest line behind the plot and greenery all around.
There are many farm houses on this road just 500 mtrs ahead.
There is a seasonal river about 200 yards from the plot.
Ideal for commercial and residential purposes...
Oberoi Group has also purchased land in acres here.
The Mussoorie- Manduwala road which is nearing completion also passing through this area, hence its going a good investment in the near future.
Owners price 1.20 CR

Nawada (Dehradun) also known as Mini Mussoorie

1000sq yard plot available for sale in Nawada Dehradun with 30 feet road in the front.
It’s a corner Plot where the back overlooks the Raja ji National Park reserve forest.
This place is also known as Mini Mussoorie as it is located in a little elevated hillock.
Weather is always less by 4-5 degree as compared to the main city.
There is a seasonal river about 200 yards from the plot which is a part of forest land.
Ideal for Farm house, home stay or residential purposes...
Owners price demand 1.10 CR

Dehradun MDDA

Dehradun MDDA approved Plots available Near Kishanpur Canal road of various sizes like from 200 sq yard to 700 sq yard.

New plotting project @ DHAULAS PHASE 2 - Dehradun

Some salient Features.
(1) gated colony
(2) 30 feet wide main road.
(3) electricity and water supply

Key distance
(1) army cantt - 4 km.
(2) military hospital - 6.5 km.
(3) dsoi club - 7.5 km.
(4) sub area canteen - 7 km.
(5) army and kv school - 4 km.
(6) clock tower - 10 km.
(7) railway Station - 11 km.
(Plot starts from - 12 lakh - 900 sqft , 100 Sqyd to 600 sqyd - 72 lakh , corner - 500 per square yard extra)

Mussoorie Road Kothal Gate- Dehradun

1. 200 Sq Yard Plot available in a MDDA approved Society.
2. Amazing view, greenery everywhere and Exceptional Location.
3. Ideal for end use, making bungalow.
4. One of the best society in City.

Routu Ke Beli- Near Mussoorie

It is a beautiful patch of 1 Bigha with an open wide view. This village is about 12 kms from Mussoorie accessible from.
This is on the way to Uttarkashi which is going to made all weather road as a part of the Char Dham Road Project.


We have 23 biga and 12 biga land available near Saharanpur Ambala Road.
Price available on request.

Houses Available – Dehradun

A. Rajpur Road
200mts from Mussoorie diversion near Rajpur Road .
Beautiful duplex house with 3 bedroom, 3 toilets, Spacious drawing room built in 200 Sq Yard, Price 1.30 CR

B. Race Couse
At prime location old house construction on 400 Gaj of land is available @ 3.12 Cr

C. Near Helipad Sahastradhara Road
Under construction 10 Luxury Villas available in a gated society available. Only 3 Villas are remaining.

Apartments Available - Dehradun

A. Sahastradhara road
3 BHK available with enchanting grand view of mussoorie hills. Widest frontage of Sahastradhara road, Best in class material used in construction.

B. Rajpur Road
3 BHK and 2 BHK available in Rajpur Road. One of the best location to have property in India.

C. Mussoorie road
2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK available on Mussoorie road. It is about 5-7 Km from Mussoorie diversion.
D. Race Course and Mohni Road
3BHK+ Study available in Race course and Mohni Road. Posh location with easy access to all places.

Who we are

Team Build to Build Bigger and Better

Chaitanya Bahuguna- Promoter & Consultant Sales & Operations Strategy

AKA Chait has been working extensively with the locals to identify locations which can be perfect getaways for people who are fed up with the mundane city life.
He believes that Living in Sustainable Green Home’s is going to be a new mantra for people looking for homes and farmlands in Uttarakhand.
Prior to wealth accumulators Chait has been into Customer service, Sales, Financial Services BPO space for close to 19 years.
His last stint was with a large BPO where he was heading the delivery for Health care & Telecom clients.
He is an avid trekker who was born and raised in Mussoorie and loves to spend time in the mountains driving around in his jeep.

Sriparna Saha – Architect and Lead Consultant for Boutique Vacation Homes & Heritage/Culture Stays.

Sriparna, an architect specialises in heritage Conservation projects which include restoration of traditional homes into boutique home stays. She has worked extensively with INTACH and rural communities in heritage Conservation projects. She has close to 20 years of experience in designing homes around Uttarakhand.
Her other area of passion and focus is slope architecture which involves creating earth friendly mountain homes with minimally invasive construction techniques and leveraging local materials and sustainable.

Abhinav Bhatt- Founder & Lead Brand Building and Strategy

Abhinav comes with an experience of 10 years in Corporate & Institutional Sales for a leading bank and export house where he was heading their International sales, Brand building & Strategy.
He was born and brought up in Srinagar Garhwal and has always been passionate about doing something in his home state of Uttarakhand.
He loves to strap his backpack on weekends to explore new locations in Uttarakhand and loves to cook different cuisines in his free time.

Durgesh Raturi – Consulting Advisor

AKA as Dug is budding social entrepreneur and runs an NGO called Sustainable Green initiative Foundation. He and his organisation are passionate about the environment.
They work with rural communities and marginal farmers in the area of tree plantation and organic forestry.
Durgesh has close to 15 years of experience in the BPO space in Customer service & Retail Management.
He was leading a Waste Management Organisation before taking the plunge into the social field.
Dug loves to paint and read during his free time.


Core Competency


We deal in Sale /Purchase & Leasing of different types of properties like, Farmland, Orchards, Apartments,Shops, Hotels, Residential & Commercial Plots. Our exclusive tie -ups with the developers & Builders can help you seal a great deal. We have exciting deals for people looking for investment or personal purpose.


We have orchards and farms with breath taking views available in Uttarakhand.
Land prices differ in every area. Land with better road connectivity, view along with Apple and Apricot orchards command a higher price.
We recommend customers buying land for farm house to buy minimum 12 nali’s as this gives us an opportunity to build a beautiful cottage, also the additional land can be used for landscaping purposes.
Only people with Uttarakhand domicile can buy land in Uttarakhand, outsiders can only buy apprx. 300 sq yard of land per person in Uttarakhand.
Land is sold in Nali’s in Uttarakhand. 1 Nali = 2160 sq .ft /220 square yards , 1 Biga – 3.47 Nali, 1 Biga = 900 Sq yards.

Land /Plots for Investment / End use

We have land available in Uttarakhand for people looking for investments. Our plot sizes vary from 300 sq .yards to 1200 sq yards.
Plots are available in MDDA approved societies of different shapes & sizes, also there is land available in the outskirts of Dehradun primarily agricultural land which is a good proposition for people looking for investment opportunities.

Commercial Properties

There are various tourist destinations in Uttarakhand and the ROI in commercial properties is quite good .We have good options for customers looking for investment in Camp sites , Resorts, Hotels , Commercial complexes , Malls ,Shops and Land for factories.We have a separate team that understands the customer requirement and then recommends properties.


Our exclusive tie ups with builders & developers can help you get an exciting deal. We have apartments available in all budgets in Dehradun and Rishikesh.
The basic features include; electrical fittings- piping and wiring only for split AC in all rooms; electrical equipment- fans in all room; toilet floor-anti skid tiles; toilet walls- ceramics tiles on wall upto 7 feet height; kitchen floor- Vitrified tiles; kitchen walls- plastic emulsion paint, POP punning; master bedroom floor- wooden laminated; master bedroom wall- plastic emulsion paint, POP punning. All the apartments are masterpiece of architectural alignment and designed to provide ample light and air while allowing natural cross ventilation.
We have some exciting deals for parents of children studying in Dehradun and Mussoorie.

Architectural Design & Construction of Bespoke Properties

Our team has extensive experience in designing blue prints for our customers for the last 20 years . We have conceptualized, designed and constructedhomestays. commercial establishments, farms across the length and breadth of Uttarakhand. Designing all types of leisure, hospitality and Tourism focused projects -site planning, sustainable landscaping, developing all architectural, structural, GFC drawings and aiding with project management and execution. Leveraging eco-friendly cost-effective technologies in an integrated manner such as rain water harvesting, waste segregation and management and solar energy.

Heritage Conservation

Converting traditional homes into boutique home stays helping projects tie up with appropriate promotional platforms and providing support in areas such as website content, branding, e-brochures, etc. Wealth Accumulators also focuses on partnering with rural communities to create inclusive destinations, unique itineraries and experiences that keep the hosts, guests and mother Earth smiling.

Property Management Services

We provide complete bouquet of services for the clients across Dehradun, Mussoorie and adjoining areas as per the customer requirement on yearly contracts
Some of the services that we are provide: -
  1. 1. Daily/Weekly Cleaning services
  2. 2. Electrical and Plumbing Maintenance
  3. 3. Maintenance of Orchards, Garden and Lawn
  4. 4. Landscaping
  5. 5. Renting & Leasing
  6. 6. Running & Managing Homestays


Years of Creativity

ABOUT OUR COMPANY / reimagining real estate

We are competent in the market since last 20 years!

We are a bunch of friends who always had a strong desire of doing something in our home state Uttarakhand. We know the damage done to the natural beauty and ecology of Uttarakhand due to poor real estate management and building is glaring and often irreparable. We decided to do something about it.
We all hung our boots from the corporate and Wealth accumulators was born.
Our Team has extensive experience in Customer service, Architectural design &Financial services for close to 20 plus years. Some of the team members have been working in this space for close to 20 years now in Uttarakhand.
We pride on being ‘locals’. Understanding the geography, cultural nuances and the language gives us subtle edge. We’re avid trekkers and have visited some really remote parts of the Uttarakhand. Each area within the state has distinctions in weather, topography, ecology langage and architecture. Our ‘localness’ helps us build on that knowledge.

We see a distinct gap in real estate management practices in our home state for starters. Services are often unprofessional a typical ‘broker’ will be a construction contractor clubbed with a local networker. We know that real estate specially in the mountains is more than that.
We understand this gap and we provide bespoke array of services like Buy/Sell -Design – Construct – Manage to our customers.











What People Say About Us

“We were looking for the safe property dealers in Dehradun, who are less pushy and more helpful, thank god that we met wealth accumulator team.”

Anita Sharma

“There are many good sites and property available in Dehradun/Mussoorie region, you need to find the right people to fetch you the place-thank you wealth accumulators”

Diblesh Singh


Any Query??

Head Office: Laxmi Bhavan, Landour cantt,

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Branch Office: 82 Neshvilla road,

Dehradun, Uttarakhand